Brexit Stories

Introduction by Gary Embury

Graphic News in collaboration with and the University of the West of England BA (Hons) developed a student brief for a project on the theme of the EU Referendum and impending Brexit following the triggering of article 50.

The brief was to respond to Brexit through the use of comic journalism in order to create a sequential interactive news story for Graphic News.

The Illustration students were given a free hand to respond in any way they wished in any medium either objectively, subjectively, pro, anti, or purely as a direct response to their research into the issues relating to the impending divorce.

The work created is diverse, including a ‘Brexhibition’ at the University F block Gallery where the students created a 30 foot (10 meter depending on how hard or soft your Brexit is) naked drawing of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage basking in a post Brexit embrace.

Art Spiegelman said “when governments go bad, Art gets good”. Hopefully we can look forward to some great Art.

Registrati e sostieni Graphic News: in cambio di un offerta libera riceverai un abbonamento di un anno che sbloccherà tutte le storie sulla app e ti permetterà di ricevere aggiornamenti sulle ultime notizie pubblicate. Inoltre potrai scegliere, se vorrai, di sostenere ulteriormente il nostro giornalismo a fumetti tramite una quota maggiore in cambio della versione cartacea di alcune delle nostre storie.

What’s happening in the UK after the Brexit referendum? Illustration students at the University of West England try to portray the new reality


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